Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Requiem Masses

Being a detractor of the catholic church, I'm surprised for the master art pieces created around this institution.

Some time ago, I discovered the Requiem Op. 9 by Maurice Duruflé and is, for me, the most beautiful yet melancholic rendition of a mass of the dead. Some other are great orchestration masses just like Dvorak's and Verdi's but Duruflé's Requiem was composed for his father and you can feel the sore in the melody.

So this is the Requiem masses sorted by my personal preference:
  1. Requiem, Op. 9 (Maurice Duruflé)
  2. Requiem in C Minor (Luigi Cherubini)
  3. Requiem in D Minor, K.626 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  4. Ein Deutsches Requiem (Johannes Brahms)
  5. Grande Messe des Morts, Op. 5 (Hector Berlioz)
  6. Requiem in D Minor, Op. 48 (Gabriel Fauré)
  7. Requiem (Giuseppe Verdi)
  8. Requiem, Op. 89 (Antonín Dvorak)
  9. Requiem in D Minor (Jan Dismas Zelenka) (This one is a new acquisition so I can't tell)
Some Requiems I'd like to get are those by Johannes Ockeghem, Michael Haydn and Antonio Salieri